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6 degrees of separation is now 3. September 3, 2008

Posted by John in Social Networking.

The French Mobile carrier O2 has found out that most people are more connected than you would think.  The reason for everyone being connected is because of social networking.  These days everyone has a Myspace or a Facebook.  You are talking to more and more people everyday. O2 has broke it down and has found how that we are connected in around 3 degrees of separation now.  They asked a wide range of people to what made them think why they were so connected.  The majority of the people answered facebook.  Some of the lesser was texting, email, phone, etc..

via: O2


Get a FREE phone charger with a little Social Engineering July 9, 2007

Posted by John in Hack, Phones.


The Best thing have heard in a while is after I lost my own phone charger. I went on vacation in Orlando and I accidentally forgot my phone charger. So I had mentioned it a couple of times during the week and someone suggested this idea but they did not got really in depth about it. All they said was go in to a hotel and see if they had any phone chargers that someone had left. But we thought about it and we decided that was never going to work because they were never going to give us someones charger to us. So we added a little Social Engineering to the mix.

So it was time to try out what we had discovered. So I went to the hotel front desk and told them that I was there a week ago and I had forgot my phone charger. And I was just passing back through again, so I was wondering if they had found it and if they had still had it. They told me to go back to housekeeping to see what they had.

I went back to housekeeping and asked about my phone charger and I told them I was not sure what room number I was in so they said I would have to dig for it instead. I started thinking what she meant when she said “dig for it” but it was not long before I found out what she meant.
This is what I found. (more…)

Awesome Gift Cards For Next Gen Consoles. (All From Target) January 22, 2007

Posted by John in Gaming, Uncategorized.

Target got alot of talk about there Wii gift card when it came out. But here is a good look at all of them.

Xbox 360 Gift Card
The Xbox 360 gift card is the coolest of the others (my opinion) because it has a pretty colors and it makes noises (lol). (more…)

Tips on How To Get to The Front Page. (On Digg) August 7, 2006

Posted by John in Digg, Uncategorized.

I recently went to 11 of 30 Top users of Digg and asked them what advice they have for the up and coming Top Digg Users. This is what they had to say.

Current Ranking: 2

I stick to submitting stories that I find interesting, useful or entertaining. The more you do that, the more friends you make with similar interests. As the number of friends you have increases, so does the number of people that are watching your submissions, and therefore the number of people who are likely to digg your submissions increases. It takes time, but the end result is that you have an awesome network of friends with similar interests.

dirty frat boyDirtyFratBoy
Current Ranking: 3

Uh, I don’t really have a set list of tips. Just submit stories that interest you. Submit lots of them. If you enjoy reading stories on Digg, then you probably share many interests with other users. As more of your stories do well, it’ll get easier, because others will notice your consistent quality and add you as a friend. (more…)

Digg API Race is Now ON!!! July 25, 2006

Posted by John in Digg, Uncategorized.

Digg released on July 25 two very cool tools that visualize the data that is going threw there system. And the good thing it is that both of these tools are OPEN API. (more…)

Phone Spam? May 30, 2006

Posted by John in Uncategorized.

Do you get phone spam? Well aparently some people do. I have heard about it for awhile but never had it happened to me till about a week ago. I have posted the clip so you can listen to it your self. It is from Intermedia. Some kind of webhosting that microsoft provides. If you have experienced this let me know.

Digg This


My absolute favorite was when Telus (BC provider of home and cell service) called and left a voicemail message on my pay-as-you-go phone (that was dormant because I let the balance lapse). So I got a calling card and activated it only to find out the message was to tell me my pay-as-you-go minutes had lapsed….

Youtube Has Porn? Do They Really Check? May 25, 2006

Posted by John in Uncategorized, Videos.

Youtube is a video based site that is all about bringing independent video to the world. They have a special policy for people that submit videos and also say that they check the videos for things that go against there policy.

I was searching for cool things about Digg on Youtube and there was some pornography. They apparently did not check because there is no warning or anything on the link. I would like some feedback on what you think about this and what should be done.

My opinion will be in the comments. (more…)

Itunes Lets People Re-Download all Your Music Once! May 24, 2006

Posted by John in Music, Uncategorized.

Victory I was trying to buy and watch a episode of firefly when it kept messing up. So I contacted the music store and they let me re-download the one thing. So then I asked them, “What if my Hard drive got erased and I lost ALL of my music.” And this is what he emailed back.

Itunes Music Store Says “In the event that a customers entire music library is lost, the iTunes Music Store does re-grant the purchases history. Please keep in mind that Apple does not offer protection against the loss of purchases, so this is a one-time exception.”

Is it just me or has apple very rarely granted this. Well now you can hold this to them when you lose all of your music.


The Episode of Firefly that messed up was put back in my purchased account and all I had to do to download it was “Check for Purchases” under the Advanced Option.

Edit:  I have found that alot of you do not know exactly how to contact apple about this problem.  So here is the link and then you go to the bottom of the page and tell them your problem.


Top Music Sites on the Web May 5, 2006

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I spent some time searching around the net to see what I could find that had lots of music that you could listen to anytime, and are absolutly free. So here is a list of sites that I found that are really cool.

It creates a playlist specialized to the type of music that you like. Then it suggests other bands that are similar to what you like.

Portable Playlist:
Portable Playlist is an online audio player that enables you to create a playlist of all your favorite podcasts and audio tracks. You can listen to your portable playlist from any computer, anywhere. (more…)

ABC Network: Creates a Page Full of their Streaming Shows. May 4, 2006

Posted by John in Videos.
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ABC Launched a service Monday (May 1) that allows anyone to watch any of there shows for free on the internet. They are still going to continue selling there episodes on Itunes. There is still going to be commercials on the show but it is only about three thirty second sections. So in my opinion and in others, I think this is a good move by ABC because I do not have to buy the shows anymore just to watch them , Even though I can just Bittorrent all off but I do have to say this is alot easier.