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Awesome Gift Cards For Next Gen Consoles. (All From Target) January 22, 2007

Posted by John in Gaming, Uncategorized.

Target got alot of talk about there Wii gift card when it came out. But here is a good look at all of them.

Xbox 360 Gift Card
The Xbox 360 gift card is the coolest of the others (my opinion) because it has a pretty colors and it makes noises (lol).

Wii Gift Card
The Wii was released a couple of months ago with the PS3 and everyone wanted one of those awesome Wii gift cards. If you never saw one here is a little video of what it did and it also makes pretty colors.

PS3 Gift Card
The PS3 Gift Card is honestly the dullest of the bunch but still is better than those regular old gift cards.


Note: All of these gift cards are currently at Target and you dont have to buy a game console to get one.



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