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Get a FREE phone charger with a little Social Engineering July 9, 2007

Posted by John in Hack, Phones.


The Best thing have heard in a while is after I lost my own phone charger. I went on vacation in Orlando and I accidentally forgot my phone charger. So I had mentioned it a couple of times during the week and someone suggested this idea but they did not got really in depth about it. All they said was go in to a hotel and see if they had any phone chargers that someone had left. But we thought about it and we decided that was never going to work because they were never going to give us someones charger to us. So we added a little Social Engineering to the mix.

So it was time to try out what we had discovered. So I went to the hotel front desk and told them that I was there a week ago and I had forgot my phone charger. And I was just passing back through again, so I was wondering if they had found it and if they had still had it. They told me to go back to housekeeping to see what they had.

I went back to housekeeping and asked about my phone charger and I told them I was not sure what room number I was in so they said I would have to dig for it instead. I started thinking what she meant when she said “dig for it” but it was not long before I found out what she meant.
This is what I found.Phone Charger Box

They pulled out this huge box of phone chargers and some were in bags and some weren’t but there was a excess of 100 phone chargers in this box. There was actually more than just chargers for phones in the box, there was PSP and DS chargers and also some power cords for computers and game consoles. I ended up finding “my” charger in the box after all. We have found out that the box we had gotten at that hotel was actually a really small box of chargers and they have much larger boxes at (go figure) larger hotels and all you have to do is use a little social engineering to get yourself a free phone charger. So I hope alot of people will try this so they never have to buy a new phone charger again.



1. glenn - December 2, 2007

how did that work didn’t they ask for your name and look you up if that really works i may have to attempt it

2. fact health - December 18, 2007

Stumbled upon your blog a week ago and decided to come back. Not for the articles you write, but for how you write them, really amazing stuff you’re doing here, i like how you put information into the articles which makes it much more easier to read and much more interesting of course. Keep up the good work!

3. Adriana - December 21, 2007

hello just wanted to say that this is a kool site but it needs to be more wow!!!!!….lol…..

4. nat - April 9, 2008

please help…i need a phone charger and i need 1 now…preferably free he he…please help lads
nat x

5. andrea - July 19, 2008

I used to work at a hotel and I can say that it is exactly like that. The employees would even go through the box to find “their” chargers if their phones were dead during their shifts. They are usually documented if they are left in a room, but the security that hold any lost items are cool with us since there are SO many, and people dont usually call to get just their chargers back.

6. Musings on Global Travel and Universal Adapters | INdia Websites Rss Collection - February 28, 2009

[…] Musings on Global Travel and Universal Adapters Most of us who have cellphones, blackberries and PDAs have come to accept the issue of incompatible chargers as a matter of fact. Many of us business travelers also frequently forget chargers either back at home or at the hotels. For instance, on a trip out of town last week, I forgot my phone charger in the hotel room while checking out and realized it only when I got an e-mail from the help-desk next morning asking if I would be collecting it or would like to have it posted to me. Frequent travelers have found workarounds around the problem [get a free phone charger with a little social engineering] […]

7. tony smith - April 11, 2009

init blood very good bravo

8. abby - May 25, 2009

I Need an LG 285 cell charger like asap, please help me out, email me please

9. jemma - June 1, 2009

i need a voda phone charger and batery

10. brandon pillow - September 18, 2009

i need a free phone charger for a motorola bt60 asap
thanks brandon pillow

11. brandon pillow - September 18, 2009

thanks for the great work

12. brandon pillow - September 21, 2009

i need one asap

13. lyndsey good - October 22, 2009

i need a charger asap please send me one asap plz i need it for my phone if i dont have it.i will never talk to my mom towmrow please hurry e mail me please

14. Naseem - October 26, 2009

i need a sony erricsson charger asap for my sony erricson c902, a had 2 chargers, 1 charger my dad stepped on and broke it and the other my mother accidently put it in the bin.

15. Robert - November 12, 2009

This worked for me on vacation. I was staying in Scottsdale, AZ and forgot my Blackberry charger.. One of the buddies I was vacationing with used to work in a hotel and told me to go ask at the front desk. I was highly skeptical, but I bit.

They brought a box similar to the one above with countless chargers.. I scored two chargers, plus an iPod cable. And the hotel staff don’t even bat an eye, they just brought the box up and dropped it on the desk for me and started helping the next guest.

16. willy poo - June 1, 2010

this website dont send u free phone chargers!!!

17. Moderater - June 1, 2010

Your username is offensive and if you do this agen this could become a violation of the terms of use.

18. Moderater - June 1, 2010

Your username is offensive and if you do this agen this could become a violation of the terms of use. Thank you.

19. phhhhhhhhhhface - June 1, 2010


20. willy poo - June 1, 2010


21. Moderater - June 1, 2010

You will be sent a e-mail and this will shut down all of your online chat rooms.

22. phhhhhhhhhhface - June 1, 2010


23. ConcertNerd - February 25, 2011

Please come back and post on this blog again… I like reading these posts!

24. da.ud - April 24, 2011

this is amasing. I realy liked 2use it. I feel how it helps me. I can.t wait 2get it soon. cuz it,s my desire cuz iam having charger problem every day

25. David M. - July 1, 2011

Can I get a free charger for the #HTC #Thunderbolt, please. I believe someone stole mine and need a replacement fast. I am in NYC folks…

26. jodie - June 3, 2012

i need a Nokia phone charger asp please

27. alexis - October 30, 2013

i nee a charger

28. Tyairria Anders - July 23, 2016

I looking for a new phone charger

29. Tamika adams - October 16, 2016

I my phone charger is broken i need a new one i don’t. Have the money to get a new one right now please help me if you can i have a android. Cell phone okay thank you

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