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I am a Tech savy guy that really likes to get things out to people. So I create websites so I can let people see what I am interested in.



1. Matt Brucker - December 2, 2008

Hey, I just wanted to tip you off on a new website I launched that might be of interest to your readers.

A little over a month ago, when Walmart lowered their prices on MP3 downloads, I noticed a demand among other bloggers and commenters for some sort of search engine to compare downloadable music prices side-by-side from iTunes, Amazon and Walmart.

So I’ve spent the last month building just such a site. It’s called DownloadShopper.com (www.downloadshopper.com) and it compares individual tracks and whole album prices, and a “Hot Deals” section shows discounts and freebies from the big 3 online music stores.

Considering your blog’s focus on the digital media marketplace, this might be of interest to your readers and I’d be very appreciative if you mentioned it in one of your posts.

Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions.

Matt Brucker

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