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Youtube Has Porn? Do They Really Check? May 25, 2006

Posted by John in Uncategorized, Videos.

Youtube is a video based site that is all about bringing independent video to the world. They have a special policy for people that submit videos and also say that they check the videos for things that go against there policy.

I was searching for cool things about Digg on Youtube and there was some pornography. They apparently did not check because there is no warning or anything on the link. I would like some feedback on what you think about this and what should be done.

My opinion will be in the comments. (more…)


ABC Network: Creates a Page Full of their Streaming Shows. May 4, 2006

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ABC Launched a service Monday (May 1) that allows anyone to watch any of there shows for free on the internet. They are still going to continue selling there episodes on Itunes. There is still going to be commercials on the show but it is only about three thirty second sections. So in my opinion and in others, I think this is a good move by ABC because I do not have to buy the shows anymore just to watch them , Even though I can just Bittorrent all off but I do have to say this is alot easier.

Firefox Flicks Winner Anounced May 2, 2006

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The Winner of The Contest “Firefox Flicks
has been put up on there site. The winning commercial was about a girl that started surfing at a young age but that was not the only this she wanted to surf safely at. Click the Picture above to watch the winning clip.