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Get a FREE phone charger with a little Social Engineering July 9, 2007

Posted by John in Hack, Phones.


The Best thing have heard in a while is after I lost my own phone charger. I went on vacation in Orlando and I accidentally forgot my phone charger. So I had mentioned it a couple of times during the week and someone suggested this idea but they did not got really in depth about it. All they said was go in to a hotel and see if they had any phone chargers that someone had left. But we thought about it and we decided that was never going to work because they were never going to give us someones charger to us. So we added a little Social Engineering to the mix.

So it was time to try out what we had discovered. So I went to the hotel front desk and told them that I was there a week ago and I had forgot my phone charger. And I was just passing back through again, so I was wondering if they had found it and if they had still had it. They told me to go back to housekeeping to see what they had.

I went back to housekeeping and asked about my phone charger and I told them I was not sure what room number I was in so they said I would have to dig for it instead. I started thinking what she meant when she said “dig for it” but it was not long before I found out what she meant.
This is what I found. (more…)